Don't Buy Expensive Pee

Definition of scam 

1: DECEIVE, DEFRAUD I see how desperate people are, answering hopefully anytime a “get thin quick” product peddler asks their leading questions; How much weight do they have to lose? What if they could shed pounds just by drinking coffee, using this wrap, or taking a pill/shake/cleanse…? Come on people, you know it’s not that easy, right? And why isn’t it? Well, firstly because weight is a symptom. It’s not your main problem, no matter how much your doctor wants to make it the focus.

Weight gain is downstream. What’s upstream? Mineral imbalances, hormone imbalances, slowed thyroid function, low adrenal activity, poor gut function, food sensitivities, etc…

How do you address those things for true, whole body wellness rather than just losing some water weight temporarily? Work with a certified health coach who will do the functional testing necessary to discover the root causes, and correct those. Or, you know, spend a bunch of money on some magic product being sold by Karen who works in fast food and end up with expensive pee.

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